Arte Xávega – Trawl Fishing at Meia Praia

One of the oldest types of fishing in the Algarve continues to persist on the beach of Meia Praia by the only master of the Xávega art (traditional trawl fishing) who is still licensed in Lagos – José Glória, known as Mestre Zé Bala – the skipper. Continue reading…

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Carapaus alimados

Carapaus alimados – The Typical Algarvian Dish

It’s in the confection details as well as the knowledge acquired from the past generations, that the richness of Portuguese regional gastronomy is based. If there are dishes that identify the Algarvian culinary heritage, the carapaus alimados (horse mackerel Algarve style) is, undoubtedly, one of them. Continue reading…

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A Subtle Idea

It is in the subtleness of the Portuguese people cultural preservation that Ângela Subtil (subtle) visits the Serra de Aire, more specifically, Minde. It is at the Local Association of Minde that a Portuguese manual loom works the natural wool to make the original patterns of Subtil’s products. Continue reading…

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Top Craft Beers suggested by Mar d’Estórias

If the concept of Mar d’Estórias is based on the demand for the quality and tradition of the Portuguese product, then the bet on artisanal beer is an unavoidable one. Craft beer is distinguished from big brands of beer, not only for maintaining the artisan principles but for prizing the quality and not an adulteration of the product with additives. Continue reading…

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Xerém, the Tradition of the Algarve Flavour

The re-encounter with the traditional food aromas of the Algarve is made with the versatility of the cornmeal. If formerly the xerém was intrinsically associated with the social and economic context of the Portuguese and the working class, today it remains an emblematic dish of the Algarve homemade cuisine. Continue reading…

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Discovering the Basketwork Art

It is on the stream banks that you can find the necessary material for Mr. José Rosa to create his pieces. Alongside a small stream in Monchique, Mr. José has planted wicker, which grows in the spring, to be able to work in the handmade baskets he makes in his spare time. Continue reading…

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