Are peanuts grown on trees?

lthough we live by the sea, the Algarve region is rich in customs related to land and agriculture. Now it’s time for the peanut harvest, and Mar d’Estórias is focused on the whole process associated with the cultivation of the “alcagoita” as it is called here. (more…)

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Folk Dance Group of Odiáxere

To absorb the knowledge of our people and to understand the life they lived, helps us to identify with our culture. This heritage rooted in clothing, music and choreography led Mar d’Estórias to contact Luís Morgado, President of the Folk Dance Group of Odiáxere (Rancho Folclórico e Etnográfico de Odiáxere),...

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Costa Vicentina of João Mariano

The strong sense of belonging that Mar d’Estórias has for Costa Vicentina is shared, lived and captured by the photographer João Mariano who, for several years, has dedicated his work to capture the cliffs, the fury of the Atlantic, the natures details and customs of this piece of paradise...

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