There’s nothing as a good starting point. There’s nothing like a good first impression. There’s nothing as the impact of the first glimpse.

And so, there’s nothing as having a very striking and allusive first visual moment of Mar d’Estórias. By knowing this, the challenge was launched to the “inbetween” Studio, which ended by incorporating in our store entrance a glass structure in white serigraphy, with the elements of the traditional Portuguese tiles.

Throughout two years, from the moment the artist Miguel Cheta got introduced to the founders of this project and the project itself, the creative challenge has suffered some modifications until achieving its final shape. The challenge was always aimed to inscribe some typical Portuguese elements in it, in which could represent the first memorable moment of the whole experience.

The result was the subtle effect of the tilling patterns or the hydraulic mosaic of the Portuguese industry from the 20th century, assuming a great historical and architectural importance, not only by the symbolism of the figures, but also by the specificity of this kind of handmade work.

The combination of both ancestral and contemporary techniques of glasswork, plus the ‘etching’ technique, with the aid of acid and sandblast for the process, brought this «subtle visual and tactical game, suggesting concavities or convexities that will invite you to touch, causing the first positive feeling of illusion and discovery», as the artist points out.

If the first visual moment is pleasant and transcends the visitor’s experience to a world of cultural meanings, it means that he will be open to absorb the dazzle and enchantments of Mar d’Estórias effortlessly, getting from this experience a breathtaking journey to the heart of Portuguese traditions.