Tomatoes are one of the ingredients that are included in our daily food routine; and who doesn’t like to dip a piece of bread into the tomato salad bowl, while eating grilled sardines? When the tomatoes are in season they are, indeed, very tasty and juicy. The good news is that, in addition to being delicious, they bring immense benefits to health, beauty and even to your waistline. We advise you not to forget our round and red friend this summer as it helps in weight loss; it is important for the beauty of your hair; prevents cancer; reduces risk of heart disease; is a natural anti-inflammatory; improves bone health and is beneficial for diabetics.

This food is deep-rooted in the Mediterranean diet and in numerous dishes of Portuguese gastronomy. Since the Mar d’Estórias is based on Portuguese flavours we present you 3 suggestions that have the tomato as a main ingredient:

– Algarvian gazpacho – Diced tomato, cucumber, pepper and onion with vinegar, oregano and homemade croutons (€5.50)

– Algarvian tomato & eggs – Poached eggs in homemade tomato sauce with chorizo from Monchique (6 €)

– Canned sardines in tomato sauce – Pinhais (3.60 €)


Needless to say … all-too-delicious to decline!