50 Years of Freedom!

Fifty years ago, the winds of April swept away the shackles of dictatorship in Portugal, granting us the most precious of treasures: freedom. Before this historic turning point, we lived under the weight of prohibitions that clouded our voices and restricted the future of our stories. The same stories...

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jantares de natal de empresa 2023

From the Sea to the Table

From north to south of Portugal, friends and family come together, toasting the tradition of celebrating Christmas, and as it’s not always easy to find the perfect place, we make the search easy! Mar d’Estórias has prepared an unforgettable dinner, as usual, invoking the flavours and traditions of the country. The...

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menu for dinner at Mar d'Estórias

Starlit Dinners in Lagos this Summer

Gather your friends on the terrace of Mar d’Estórias and watch the stars while enjoying delicious Portuguese cuisine.     The warm nights in the Algarve are spent on the terrace of Mar d’Estórias, reminiscent of the old days when families would gather on the “açoteias” (typical Algarve terraces) to enjoy the...

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Weave the palm tree braid

In the Algarve, from a whitewashed street, a braid with no end is extended, it has a gold colour, but is shy and less vain than the gold-tone. It is a palm tree braid, made by restless and full of conviction hands that gather the leaves of the broom-palm....

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New vs. Old barbershops

The barber’s job counts on a big history already, and the centuries that are part of it are testimonies of this! But, for the record, nowadays, the beard of this profession is trimmed and takes wax so as not to go unkempt. A lot of us are familiar with this...

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Ach.Brito – Soap factory

All good ideas have at least one mentor, but this particular case had two.   One was a chemist and the other an importer, they joined their skills and settled in Porto to create the first soap and perfume factory in Portugal in 1887. Ferdinand Claus and Georges Schweder, of German...

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Traditional houses of the Algarve

Today, Mar d’Estórias will discover what makes a house typical of the Algarve. We will try to understand what differentiates the homes of the Algarve from others. The diversity that is reflected in the architecture, materials, techniques and forms of houses that incorporate, over time, external influences and experiences...

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Visit to Bordallo Pinheiro Factory

The invitation was made some time ago, but we had not yet had the opportunity to go to Caldas da Rainha. However, everything happens for a reason and arrives at the right time. The team at the Mar d’Estórias shop took advantage of the remaining holidays to finally visit...

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Two Generations, Two Love Stories

As soon as February starts everything around us is about Valentine’s Day! We, at Mar d’Estórias, think that talking about Valentine’s Day confines love stories to one day. If we think about it, love stories are lived every moment, every hour, everywhere. So, we searched for two experiences of...

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