The family is on the way, the pots and pans are on the stove and all the season’s decorations are set up – it’s Christmas! As well as the gastronomic seasonal traditions, also some of the ancient playing rituals and games are kept alive and fill this gathering with a familiar feeling.

Christmas is a real box of memories which has a distinctive taste when it is opened every year, to be shared with your loved ones. More than watching the Sound of Music or Home Alone movies, it’s also time to share with today’s children, games from the past, leading them to discover the treasure of traditional and board games of your youth.

Mar d’Estórias suggests that the Christmas day should be free of tablets, mobile phones, video games or PlayStation. Let this be a day of card games1, to discover which of the family is better to bluff; a domino game, a battleship2 or even a stop game3 that sharpens everyone’s strategy. A day dedicated to teaching children how to play and learn how to live in the simplicity of board games like Chess or playing with the whipping-top or Hide and Seek! It is to remember and share memories of childhood with a nostalgic flavour loaded with culture.

Value traditional games as they carry a cultural legacy that must be preserved and made known. These games teach the younger ones and are a delicious time travel for us adults. We believe that this unique environment full of tradition makes this family reunion even more special.

We wish you a Merry Christmas full of tradition!


Products available at Mar d’Estórias:
1 Deck of cards – 9.90€
2 Battleship – 8€
3  Stop game – 8€
4 Whipping-top – 4€