Imagination, technique, passion for art and detailed work characterises Liliana Alves’ Jewelry. Her delicate filigree work honours the classic method of the Portuguese jewelry heritage, while at the same time combining new techniques developed by herself. In fact, this jewelry designer considers that the filigree method allows the symbiosis between the traditional and the contemporary, the combination that characterises her work. The beauty of her pieces is in perfect harmony between the light, texture and brightness of the materials, as well as the inspiration of the author to instil versatility.

This Caldas da Rainha artisan was inspired by traditional Portuguese concepts, the Art Nouveau present in Caldas da Rainha architecture, as well as the work of the jeweller René Lalique, as a starting point for creating her interpretation of reality.

Combining creativity with her technical commitment, Liliana’s creations are of an ergonomic concern and freedom of use, without ever losing her clear expression. The training and work in noble metals, in this case, the silver and sometimes the gold, is complemented with stones, wood, varnishes, ceramics and even rubber.

Liliana started a partnership with a ceramist from Caldas da Rainha to incorporate ceramics in her creations, in a fascinating symbiotic result. She also produced, in co-authorship with an alternative jeweller, some pieces that combined rubber. However, the focus of Liliana’s work is the luxury jewelry, which has its place in art galleries, which falls within the scope of the artistic and author field, the reason why she believes that the challenge is to instil in the jewels a timeless and unique meaning.

Liliana Alves inspiration arises through her sensitivity in interpreting her surroundings – nature, art, details of objects, among others. Once the idea is formed and the materials to be used are chosen, the creative process starts by drawing it on paper and starting the practical collection creation. Depending on its technical complexity and dimension, the jewelry execution time varies: “The execution time of each piece is relative, the dimension and the design will influence this factor. However, the technical strategy and execution obtained with training and work experience facilitate this process by minimising production time”, states Liliana Alves.

Let’s mention the artist’s last collection, which is already available at Mar d’Estórias. This collection of jewels in honour of the queen D. Leonor is composed of two sets: One inspired by the Queen’s generosity towards her people; the other in the colour of her eyes and the thermal waters of Caldas da Rainha. They are two disparate assemblages, but with a coherent thematic line extolling the kind heart of this Portuguese queen: “The Generous Queen with her visionary gaze, never indifferent to her people, built the Thermal Hospital of Caldas da Rainha and gave hope to all human beings to heal their diseases and to extend their lives – A Queen’s Jewel“.

The Atelier of Liliana Alves, in Caldas da Rainha, is already open to visitors and enthusiasts who want to know how a piece of jewelry is made. If, however, it is too far away for you, know that on the 8th of September we invited Liliana Alves to develop a  Jewelry Workshop, at Mar d’Estórias, where you can create your unique silver jewel: “A happy meeting is what for me was the brand Liliana Alves Jewelry and the fantastic Mar d’Estórias project.”

Check program of the day and sign up by email: or call (+351) 282 792 165. Come and enjoy the art of jewellery.