Today, Mar d’Estórias present 100ml – a company that creates brands and perfumes that honours the customs of our country. Founded 10 years ago by Luís Miguel Pereira, 100ml values the aromas and essences of the luxury national perfumery. This dedication, in creating products that olfactory mirror our history, is changing the concept in the world of perfumes.

The history of 100ml is based on research, but mainly on the strategic definition of the brands that were launched over the years. In 2010 was presented the first brand – A Antiga Barbearia do Bairro. One of the most emblematic brands of 100ml, which excels in the beard, skin and masculine beauty care. A year later (2012), the company of Luís Pereira ventures into the launch of Aldeia da Roupa Branca, a brand inspired by the film with the same name, which honours the scents of the Portuguese customs of hand-washing clothes. And, finally, celebrating ten years, 100ml creates Por Ti Perco a Cabeça, a passion project of irreverent gifts that combine originality with the aromas of Portuguese customs.

It is with the brand Por Ti Perco da Cabeça that the Descobrimentos Olfativos Portugueses collection, made up of 5 luxury soaps, throws us back to some of the most critical moments of the Portuguese historical events – The Portuguese Discoveries.

This new collection presents itself to the world with 5 of these trips: Ceuta 1415, Cabo das Tormentas 1488, Índia 1498, Brasil 1500 e Japão 1543. Exclusive aromas developed in partnership with I-Sensis and its perfumer Paula Gomes, who excel in the use of selected moisturising ingredients. These fragrances, have been carefully produced to transport us to the five listed countries overseas.

To complement the aromatic theme of each soap, 100ml invited Rita Pereira, product designer, to add value to these soaps with an innovative image of the Portuguese Discoveries. This voyage by the scents of the world is intertwined, brilliantly, with the stylized Rose of the Winds, which was inspired by the one that is next to the Pattern of the Discoveries (Padrão dos Descobrimentos), and brands this collection.

CEUTA 1415 – the Portuguese navigators first stop is marked by the memories of the Mediterranean Sea, where the mysterious and exotic city of Ceuta is represented by the Arabic aromas of saffron, the intoxicating leather scent of the local markets, in combination with local citric fragrances. This soap is complemented with a tribute image to tiles, which exalt both North Africa and the Portuguese tradition of tile painting.

TORMENTAS 1488 – A tribute to the Portuguese navigators for the dangers and misfortunes to sail through the Cape of Storms, now known as Cape of Good Hope. A masculine and maritime fragrance, where the freshness of sea water, mint and rosemary are enveloped with the relaxing lavender and woody juniper. The invariable and iconic choice of the image to symbolise this date was the mythical Adamastor, an imposing representation in yet another excellent example of the Portuguese tile.

INDIA 1498 – One of the most important events of the Portuguese Discoveries was the sea route to India, in 1498. This landmark, in contrast to the scent of the Cape of Torments soap, is quite feminine. It is a soap that travels through spices, such as pink pepper, jasmine and vanilla. The image that identifies this soap is the colourful mandalas.

BRASIL 1500 – Pedro Álvares Cabral crosses the Atlantic in 1500 to reach the green landscapes of Brazil. For us to navigate there too, in this soap, we have the sweet and exotic fragrances of mango, orange, lemon and musk that characterise the Brazilian lands. To follow, nothing like illustrating this country with a tropical image of vegetation and one of the typical local birds – the toucan.

JAPÃO 1543 – The trip to Japan represents the last stop of the Portuguese discoveries. With aromas of cherry blossoms, vanilla, cedar and grapefruit, it’s easy to imagine beautifully manicured gardens and numerous cherry trees in full bloom. A pure, springy aroma, complemented by the typically Japanese black and white image with small colour details.

This scent reinterpretation of the Portuguese Discoveries travelled “for seas never before navigated” to return in the company of perfumed travel notebooks. Now, in addition to these five soaps, your travels can be recorded in notebooks with the same fragrances. This is a complete cycle of aromas praising the achievements of the Portuguese Navigators, which has still a lot to tell. A collection that honours Portugal and its people that can be found at Mar d’Estórias: “100ml is proud to be present with these creations, from the first minute, at Mar d’Estórias, that is currently one of our main partners.”