A space that has become a gateway to the Portuguese soul lies in the heart of Lagos. As Mar d’Estórias celebrates its eighth anniversary on June 17th, it continues to uncover the secrets and wonders of Portuguese culture, history, and traditions, inviting all who visit to embark on a journey of discovery.


A building with centuries of transformations 

Mar d’Estórias emerges as a treasure rooted in Portugal’s historical and cultural heritage, revealing itself as a place of commerce and a portal to this charming country’s vibrant narratives and authentic flavours.

Housed in a building that has witnessed centuries of transformations, from a centuries-old church to a firefighters’ Station, this place transcends its history to embrace a modern and multidisciplinary vision.

Every aspect of the restoration was carefully planned and executed, respecting the architectural heritage while adapting to contemporary needs. The result is a welcoming environment where visitors are invited to uncover the multiple layers of Portuguese identity while enjoying a sensory journey through gastronomy, craftsmanship, and the stories echoing in the centuries-old walls.

The dream was born from an unexpected union, where the visionary Luís Ledo and the passionate Célia Real found the perfect harmony. Driven by the vision to create a unique place in Lagos where history, culture, and Portuguese tradition come to life, together they realised a dream that resulted in a space that now belongs to all Portuguese people.

Mar d’Estórias is more than just a physical space; it’s a living testament to the resilience and cultural richness that makes Portugal so unique.


The secrets and curiosities of a labyrinthine building

Mar d’Estórias is a haven of fascinating tales, where every corner unveils a secret from the past. In 1934, when this building was still the headquarters of the Volunteer Firefighters of Lagos, the city witnessed the installation of the first telephone booth, where today stands a glass niche on the building’s facade.

The mezzanine, now displaying books, toys, and music, once accommodated the only resident firefighter. The transition transformed it from a resting space into a cultural area. In this place, hoses and other objects used by brave men who decided in 1932 to create the Volunteer Firefighters of Lagos headquarters were kept.


Mar d’Estórias is part of Lagos’ cultural scene 

At Mar d’Estórias, the walls come to life through the artistic expression that fills them. From the impressive mural by Polish artist Bezt, composed during the urban art festival in Lagos in 2013, to the most recent piece by the artist Add Fuel, the venue has evolved into the cultural and emotional representation of diversity that characterises the Portuguese spirit. Bezt’s mural depicted the harmony between people and nature. Meanwhile, Add Fuel’s mural “Saudade” captures the prevailing sentiment during the 2020 pandemic. Mar d’Estórias, with its iconic building, also aligns with Lagos’ cultural scene in partnership with Associação LAC.


The round number we celebrate on this anniversary is significant because it represents growth and the sharing of a deep love for Portuguese culture. Our space is always open, versatile, and inspiring – where Portuguese products are showcased as living proof of Portugal’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

Join us in celebrating the 8th anniversary of Mar d’Estórias on 17th June. We have a day packed with activities:

  • Tasting of Portuguese tinned fish and olive oils at 11 am.
  • Wine tasting from Quinta do Paral at 5 pm.
  • Cake cutting at 6:30 pm.
  • Music with saxophonist Carlos Glória from 30 to 20.00.

Your presence will make this anniversary even more special. We look forward to seeing you there!