On May 15, Portugal Jewels presented its latest collection – “Amália e as Flores”, developed in collaboration with the Amália Rodrigues Foundation. The launch event took place in a venue where the soul of the fado singer will be forever present in every corner and every object. At the Amália Rodrigues House-Museum, this tribute took place and was exclusively presented to partners like our Mar d’Estórias.

This event offered a journey through the memories and essence of the singer’s life. The invited partners were guided through the spaces where Amália Rodrigues lived with her husband César Seabra, while curiosities about the life and work of the fado singer were shared.

Amália Rodrigues, registered on her birth certificate as born on July 23, 1920, adopted July 1 to celebrate her birthday, given the uncertainty about the exact date of her birth. Amália’s mother and grandmother claimed that she was born “in the time of cherries,” which explains the abundant presence of these fruits throughout the house.

Amália was known for her hospitality and passion for flowers, which is reflected in the decoration of the House-Museum today. This was the theme of Portugal Jewels for the collection; flowers and especially cherry blossoms are now immortalized in gold-plated silver earrings and bracelets.

In 1955, a family from Gondomar started a tradition in the art of jewellery. Now, in the third generation, Joana and Alexandre have given life to the Portugal Jewels brand, where they explore the beauty of traditional design and transform pieces with a contemporary touch. Each jewel not only tells stories but also captures the true essence of Portugal.

In the thrilling intersection between history and culture, the collection of jewellery inspired by Amália Rodrigues, the iconic Portuguese fado singer, emerges as a unique expression of this commitment. This collection is a tribute to the great artist and a celebration of Portugal’s cultural identity.

On May 22, the official launch of the Amália e as Flores collection will take place and it will be present at your Mar d’Estórias. We invite you to discover pieces of Portuguese jewellery and the unique vision and grandeur that echoes Amália’s philosophy – where everyone, even those in the last row, deserves to be dazzled.