To mark World Coffee Day, Mar d’ Estórias refers to the pride of the Flor da Selva brand in preserving the heritage of Portuguese culture in coffee roasting.

This small family-run factory in Lisbon repeats the ritual of toasting for almost 70 years, without any change. Since 1950, Flor da Selva roasts coffee and maintains the original and typically Portuguese way of execution. The Monteiro family is passionate about keeping coffee production handcrafted with the resources of a wood-fired roasting machine since the beginning of the activity. The truth is that this German roaster of 1972 is one of two wood-burning devices that still work in Europe, making this the differentiating factor for the production of pure coffee and genuine flavour.

Two family generations continued the work initiated by Manuel Alves Monteiro in the production and offer different Portuguese coffee batches that balance the aroma and flavour (arabica) with being full-bodied, dark and caffeinated (robust). Flor da Selva coffee is natural and free of flavour stabilisers, additives and preservatives, such as oil, molasses or sugar. In addition to all of this, Flor da Selva now uses organic coffee*, in grain, coarse grinding and fine grinding.
For an excellent Portuguese start of a day, but also very healthy, let the aroma of this coffee envelop and offer you a full day of energy before leaving home.


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Coffee tradition grain – Flor Da Selva

Coffee tradition fine grinding – Flor Da Selva

Coffee tradition coarse grinding – Flor Da Selva