The history of Portuguese beauty products is ancient and transverse to times. In search of tradition, Mar d’Estórias shares the vital praise that Benamôr makes to Portugal. Benamôr was born in 1925, and 93 years later it continues to honour the art deco in Portugal, with a never-stop-production to this day. In fact, the brand even developed cosmetic products for more than 30 Portuguese brands, among them the country’s first sunscreen – the Bronzaline.
The most famous face (Gordissímo) and hands (Alantoíne) cream were created in the kitchen of a pharmacist in Campo Grande, Lisbon. Over the years, Portuguese and international personalities became loyal to Benamôr’s recipes. Since 1935 Queen D. Amelia has become a fan of the brand. Her importance and loyalty inspired Benamôr to launch the Rose Amélie line that combines argan oil with roses in a light moisturising texture to honour the last queen of Portugal. Notwithstanding Salazar used the petroleum shampoo, and Yves Saint Laurent used the face cream as a primary.
At present the recipes have been updated with the introduction of products such as aloe vera and shea butter, rejuvenating its methods. The use of parabens in the ointments were common practice, but these were removed from all products in 2015, only presenting natural ingredients now.
Despite the commitment to internationalisation, the soul of Benamôr keeps alive for, not only continuing to do everything in Portugal (creams, tubes and packaging) but also because the brand insists on producing the handmade soap. Old handcrafted process machines are used to create the soap, as it was 40 or 50 years ago.
As it is fundamental for Benamôr to have a connection with tradition we invited you to visit Mar d’Estórias to experience these natural ingredients, soft textures and distinct aromas.