Within the framework of 365 Algarve, Mar d’Estórias was invited to host the event “Por Sons Nunca Dantes Navegados” (by sounds never before sailed), which will take place on the 22nd of March at 7:00 p.m. This show is a symbiosis between music and gastronomy, to explore the senses. It will be a moment of performance art for reflection that will consist of a sound trip by André Duarte (Júnior) and Tiago Rouxinol, accompanied by a blindfolded diner.

When trying to dynamize the artistic offerings in the low season, the Experimental Theater of Lagos (TEL) and the Association Corvo e Raposa created the Festival of Performative Arts of the Western Algarve, named VENTANIA (gale), of which this event is included. Nelda Magalhães (TEL) explains the need to develop a project that has performative art with a strong subliminal message: “We like to present performative events with a message that leads people to reflect.”


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Our curiosity spoke louder when we realised why this name was chosen for the festival: “The wind is part of our city [Lagos], the constant wind and the continuous organic movement. (…) Not only the physical wind but also the gale of people who enter and leave the city (…) This constant movement both on land and in the sea of people coming and going.”

The purpose of the project, and specifically of the event “Por Sons Nunca Dantes Navegados“, was to work in unconventional spaces: “spaces that are not usually places to perform (…). The artists were very curious to do this with food, and we realised, right away, that with a conventional structure it would not work. We needed to find a place that would create an intimate environment. (…) linked to a space that catered food, but not a restaurant, per se. The truth is that the invitation made to Mar d’Estórias turned out to be the most logical since the intention ” was to find sites that had a sense of understanding of what we were proposing. “

Hence, this concert and blindfolded dinner, which explores all the senses, fit perfectly in Mar d’Estórias. A partnership that promotes local artists, with a strong cultural bond, but at the same time is contemporary and unique.