The Contribution of Daniel Fonseca to Mar d’Estórias

The soul of a store is more than its products; it’s also their staff and their stories!


Mar d’Estórias is proud present the story of our barman Daniel Fonseca, who has been part of the Mar d’Estórias team since its opening in 2016. Daniel not only enriches the palates of those who pass through here with his innovative drinks, but dazzles with his other passion – photography.

29-years-old Daniel Fonseca is a bartender by profession and a photographer at heart! This son of a fisherman, from Lagos, began the landscape photography as a hobby; his connection with the sea, the harvesting of shellfish and fishing is the base of Daniel’s work – his way of capturing customs, people, the Algarve coast and the beauty of his homeland.Daniel_Fonseca_paisagem_costa

His dedication and self-learning, as well as the impulse to have invested in a good camera about 6 years ago, have earned him 2 appearances in M.A.L.A. (Lagos Artists Exhibition); 2 prizes in digital photography competitions; the participation in the exhibition “Olhares Lacobrigenses” in Fototeca de Lagos; in addition to his photography collaboration at Correio de Lagos for 2 years.

Mar d’Estórias constant search to encourage the local artists saw in Daniel a precious partnership: “When I started at Mar d’Estórias I found its concept interesting, but later I realized that I could contribute even more to this project “, says Daniel. It is extremely gratifying for Mar d’Estórias to be able to gradually build its course with the contribution of its own team.