Did we ever stop to think about our daily consumerism, especially at a time when we are buying more than ever because Christmas is coming? Do we ever stop to think about what products we buy? What criteria is behind the purchases and what are the consequences of our choices?

Sometimes, because things don’t influence our lives directly, we end up following the quickest route and the “cheapest” options, which is ultimately reflected as completely the opposite of our intentions: a burden on the wallet and a bad decision.

Choosing national is more than the purchase of Portuguese manufactured products. “Choosing national” is already a movement that aims to re-educate people regarding conscious consumer choices. The calendar itself has an official day for National Production, implemented to promote the importance of buying products that generate added value in Portugal.

“Mar d’Estórias” is not just a business that values products 100% Portuguese and divulges the best of the Portuguese culture, but one that also aims to encourage the choice, habits and consumer trends that will bring benefits to Portugal, the domestic economy and the environment.

The purchase of products of Portuguese origin is a reflection of a conscious, healthy and sustainable action, not forgetting the contribution made in creating employment, establishing people in the area and preserving the national culture and identity.

When we look to such iconic brands such as “Paupério” – cookies and biscuits, “Couto, S.A” – tooth paste and other cosmetics, “Viarco” – charcoal pencils and other stationary, and also “Ach Brito” – soap and fragrancies, we soon realise how it’s possible to encourage traditional businesses, some of which have one hundred years of history, or more, and which at first appeared to fight against modernism and globalisation.

The revival of traditional Portuguese brands, which continue to be faithfully committed to the Portugal of yesteryear, now emerge as the main focus for an expanding tourism economy.

The essence of a perfume, the texture of a soap, the buttery flavour of a biscuit, the smoothness of a pencil gliding on the paper, with the same authenticity of yesteryear, represent a set of gifts with far more value than any money could buy. They are the fruition of experimentation from a time gone by, with a strong identity and cultural significance, that otherwise would be lost.

So, with this all in mind, be sure to choose national, come and purchase your Christmas gifts at our shop, “Mar d’Estórias”. Help support the best of Portugal, from the north to the south of the country, from the coast to in-land, from the traditional to the modern, in brilliant re-adaptations of brands that have always accompanied the day-to-day life of previous generations.

It is time to take a look at our choices and decisions, which can make all the difference to environmental sustainability, reinforcement of cultural identity and the general welfare of people, as well as future generations.