The day of the one who raised and cradled us in her arms is approaching, and we could even say that Mother’s Day is every day. However, there is a specific day of the year to celebrate all world mothers. It’s a global event, but the dates vary from country to country.

In Portugal, we celebrate on the first Sunday of May, but it wasn’t always like this. In 1950, the Mocidade Portuguesa Feminina established December 8th as Mother’s Day, coinciding with the Immaculate Conception Day. However, the church in Portugal requested a change in this date. They wished for Our Lady, the Patroness of Portugal, to have a distinct day separate from the commercial aspects typically associated with Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day started to be celebrated on the last Sunday of May, but the church requested another date change to avoid conflicts with Pentecost or Ascension celebrations. It was then fixed on the first Sunday of May, as it doesn’t coincide with any significant Christian religious festivities, and it has remained so to this day.

The date of Mother’s Day varies worldwide. In Brazil, Germany, Austria, Australia, and the United States of America, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In France, Sweden, and Morocco, the time to celebrate this day is the last Sunday of May. Meanwhile, the celebration occurs three Sundays before Easter in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Origin of the word Mother

Interestingly, the word “mother” in various languages starts with the letter “M” and has a similar sound. It is believed that the languages of Europe and Asia belong to the Indo-European family. The word *méh₂tēr was the origin of the word mother in this ancient language, giving rise to mother in English, mâdar in Persian, mitéra in Greek, máthair in Irish, and, of course, to the small Portuguese word of just three letters, mãe.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

At Mar d’Estórias, as lovers of the Portuguese language, traditions, and celebrations, we offer some gift suggestions to give to your mother on May 5th.

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Licor 35 – Custard Tart: This is the perfect liqueur to celebrate Portuguese culture with your mother. With the characteristic flavour of the Custard Tart, it’s creamy and excellent for toasting on Mother’s Day. It’s the perfect gift for mums with a sweet tooth.


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