The re-encounter with the traditional food aromas of the Algarve is made with the versatility of the cornmeal. If formerly the xerém was intrinsically associated with the social and economic context of the Portuguese and the working class, today it remains an emblematic dish of the Algarve homemade cuisine. From single cornmeal (that is, with nothing else), to cornmeal with fish stew, with pork cracklings or with mussels, xerém allows numerous combinations of flavours: “it goes well with everything. “1
In other times, cornmeal dishes were imposed by necessity, but now, this product continues to create interest and creativity of chefs for its versatile character.
This and other traditional Algarvian products can be found in the complete and delightful book Mediterranean Algarve, available at Mar d ‘Estórias.


1 Mediterranean Algarve – Tradition, Produce and Cuisine (English Edition) – Cozinhas – VALAGÃO, Maria, CÉLIO, Vasco e GOMES, Bertílio (2015), Lisboa, Tinta da China.