Alvor Curses choosen by Mar d’Estórias

What truly gives identity and singularity to a Portuguese region is their expressions, sayings and local accents.

Those who are less used to the Algarve sayings might think the title of this article is in a different language, although, these and other expressions are the words of the people from Alvor in the form of curses.

Alvor, a village near the ocean, survived 50 years ago exclusively from what the sea could offer. Fisherman and their families when annoyed would yell curses to one another with the worst wishes. These verbal aggressions travelled in time and gained roots to the present day. Mar d’Estórias has selected some Alvor curses (“Pragas de Alvor”) that are considered the funniest and most well-known:

  • Ah maldeçoade! I wish you would have a belly pain so strong that you need to start to run, but the faster you run the more the pain you will feel and when you stop you will burst.Oh môce dum cabreste I wish your head would grow horns so big that two cuckoos singing, one on each tip, could not hear each other.
  • Marafado, I wish your arse hole would close and you could not shit for 8 days and after that you would shit whole prickly pears.
  • Ah marafada, you should get so thin that you would be able to pass through a needle hole with your arms open.
  • Ah, maldeçoade,  I wish you would get a fever so high that the belt buckle and the buttons of your uniform would melt .

“Môces, have fun!”

(Collaboration of Alzira Correia)