These are odd times, different from everything we were instilled. They said that conviviality was necessary, that walking outside was good for the soul and body, and the affection, so fitting for the approaching day, would be exchanged to show all our love. In one year, all this has changed, but it has changed so that we can go back to hugging, strolling and socialising with our mum in an even more promising future. In the last year, we went from actions to words in real life and from words to deeds in the digital world. The word mother became even bigger and, covered with sweetness, became physical and enveloped us with hope.

On May 2nd we celebrate Mother’s Day! It shouldn’t take a special day to remember how grateful we are for the existence of the mother figure. It shouldn’t take one day, but all year round! There would be so much to be said, and yet everything becomes redundant when we have our mother around.

It makes sense to use all your senses to make your mother happy on this day that is as special as any other. Show your best smile, intone the biggest laugh, twirl the body until there is nothing left. On this day, offer joy and if you feel like it, offer something that symbolizes, remembers and values your mother.

From day one, Mar d’Estórias’ mission is to give prestige to Portugal and its products. Now more than ever, we reinforce our convictions and ask that this be a Portuguese Mother’s Day. In Mar d’Estórias, we have always given the power to national products, and we have always known that these eternalize the Portuguese soul and know-how.

For May 2nd, we have selected the best gifts for the best mothers:

  • Pamper your mother with Benamôr’s prestigious products. Perfume the days with Queen Dona Amélia’s favourite scent, present in the hand cream and soap of this almost century-old brand. In a set, we have combined these two Benamôr products with the family symbol, the swallow. Discover our kit here.


  • Gifts are a good way to show affection and attention. The giver is equally satisfied, as is the receiver. Jewellery is the oldest way of giving gifts to someone we like, especially when we perfectly know the other person’s tastes. Our suggestion for this special day is a jewel to wear close to the heart, as a symbol of the union between mothers and their children. See the gold spiral brooch here.


  • Mum’s bag was always a surprise, it carried everything we needed. It could be small, medium or large, but her world and ours would fit inside. As an ode to such a feminine symbol, we suggest a bag made of 100% Portuguese elements and full of originality. Find our suggestion here.


This year, offer something symbolic that will last in time, space and memory of your mother. Offer what is Portuguese and buy it in local shops.

To all mothers and children, we wish you a happy and loving day!