Mar d’Estórias is a sizable spot that can accommodate a myriad of Portuguese items. Nevertheless, if these items were swapped for individuals, we’d need to relocate to a skyscraper! The sense of magnificence remains consistent when a fresh item arrives at our shelves. People with ingenuity in their souls and deep sensitivity are the driving forces behind the creation of these goods.

In this multidisciplinary space in Lagos, we have collected so many stories that it would be impossible to put them all in one book. However, we feel obliged to tell some of them. One story at a time! Today we want to tell the story of those who make Portugal, and our region in particular, so incredible and who find their source of inspiration here.

We begin with someone who has a deep love for the sea, the element that unites all Algarve people. Meet Daniela da Silva Ferreira, an artist, researcher and teacher of art and design. Her job is to research and catalogue the incredible biodiversity of Portugal’s Atlantic coast. She also pays homage to the fishing traditions of the region by immortalising the pattern of fish scales on paper and canvas. Daniela uses an ancient Japanese printing technique with squid or cuttlefish ink.

The artist’s creativity is far from over! A collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings decorated with amazonite stones forms the artist’s second project under Luzalba name. Both are available in Mar d’Estórias.

From the sea, we pedal quickly ashore, following the wind and the stories told through the photos of the group “The Understands”. They are passionate about mountain biking, the Algarve and photography. They have recently compiled all the unique images they have taken over 12 years in the book BTMMTT (Bicicleta Todo, Mas Mesmo Todo, o Terreno). João Mariano, Joel Marques, Pedro Lessa Barradas and Sebastian Sennenwald have travelled to places in the mountains where few would dare to go, and now they share the beauty of the hidden places of the Southwest Alentejo and the Vicentine Coast Natural Park with all lovers of the Algarve through this book, available at the Mar d’Estórias bookshop.

Daniel Fonseca is also one of the people who make the Algarve even more incredible. He makes everyone’s mouth water and mixes drinks full of Portugal like no other at the Terraço Bar in Mar d’Estórias. In his spare time, he gets lost in the slopes of the Algarve to capture moments with his photography.

He has won several photography awards and has worked with the Correio de Lagos newspaper. With his distinct vision, he captures the Algarve’s landscapes, customs, and people authentically and engagingly. His inspiration comes from his father’s profession – fisherman. We have the honour of selling his art on postcards and prints at the Mar d’Estórias shop. Daniel adds a touch of authenticity to the art that reflects the soul of the Algarve and is an example of the incredible talent that this region produces.

As we browse the shelves of Mar d’Estórias, we can hardly guess how many stories of incredible people are hidden there. They are like treasures that often escape our attention, helping to make the Algarve and Portugal a truly fascinating place.